Japanese Shiho Tokuda is a superb, fast and elegant dancer with a unique “old school flamenco” technique refined in every detail by her physical strength and her emotional commitment. The outcome is a breathtaking intense experience that leaves no spectator unaffected.

In order to embody her skills and widen her views and experiences Shiho Tokuda started her activities in Europe last year.

From there she is today working with workshops and flamenco classes, as well as shows in various European countries and Central American countries like Cuba.

Flamenco dancer SHIHO TOKUDA

Career & awards

I was born 1982 in Kagoshima, Japan.

The year 2005 I started dancing flamenco at the Osawa Flamenco Institute.

From 2007 to 2012 I joined classes at Estudio Lunares, Kumiko Yoshida and of many Spanish artists as Rafaela Carasco, Concha Vargas, Carmen Redisma, Farquito, Andrés Peña, Rocio Molina, Saray de los Reyes and many others in Tokyo.

In August 2012 I was the award winner in the category solo dancer in the contest arranged by Asociación Nipona de Flamenco, Tokyo, Japan.

In February 2013 I won the scholarship for Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Madrid at the CAF-competition in Tokyo, Japan.

In April 2013 I moved to Spain to study at Escuela de Arte Flamenco Manuel Betanzos, Estudio Juana Amaya, Pastora Galvan and Familia Farruco in Sevilla. In September I started at Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid.

In the spring 2014 I moved to Sweden in order to focus on my international activities.


2016, February

Article in Xtra about my activities in Åmål, Sweden

2016, 29 January

Article in Provinstidningen Dalsland (PD) about my activities in Åmål, Sweden

2016, 26 January

Article in Provinstidningen Dalsland (PD) about my activities in Åmål, Sweden

2015, 21 December

Article in the magazine Paseo flamenco about my activities in Sweden, Japan

2015, 7 December

Article in Provinstidningen Dalsland (PD) about my show in Åmål, Sweden

2015, 25 November

Article in Arvika Nyheter about my show with Afra Rubino in Arvika, Sweden

2015, 29 September

Article in NA about my workshop in Örebro, Sweden

2015, 24 February

Article in NA about my workshop in Örebro, Sweden

2014, 23 September

Article in NKP about my workshop in Kristinehamn, Sweden

2014, 18 September

Interview in Säffle Tidningen 18 September 2014, Sweden

2014, 19 July

Interview in Värmlands Folkblad, Sweden

2014, 6 May

Article on the website of SVERIGES RADIO, Sweden

2014, winter

Article in the magazine Flamenco Culture about show, France

2013, summer

Article in El Sitio Flamenco (in Japanese) about tours, Norway

Workshops, Classes, Private lessons

I can offer workshops, classes, private and group lessons from beginner to advanced level.

My aim is to give each individual student an opportunity to express her/himself in a personal way as a flamenco dancer. Learning flamenco gives each dancer the opportunity for a unique and personal expression - at the same time as it offers shared moments with other artists and with the audience.

For beginners I will not only teach basic technique, but even give an introduction to the history of flamenco. I focus on helping the students to reach a point of understanding the rhythm and the essentials of flamenco with the body.

In all my classes I take individually care of each student according to their level. I will advice each student personally in order to improve their own flamenco.

Private lessons or closed group lessons are also available. In those groups the students will even have the possibility to choose and plan the content of the lessons according to their personal wishes.

I can also offer a combination of lecture (short history of flamenco), easy lesson (hand clapping, easy steps etc.) and even short performance.

If this fits into your demands and wishes please contact me.

What I can offer you

I can offer you to experience the flamenco in an educational but also playful way in nearly any place for people of all ages.

Hopefully some inspiration will be given by my adding a little piece of world history that describes the ancient journey of the flamenco through the continents and by the various ethnicities on to today's beloved flamenco.

Performance of flamenco

Lecture about the basics and the historical/cultural background of flamenco

Try-out for yourself flamenco rhythm and dance

Contact to SHIHO TOKUDA  (E-mail is HERE)

For performances, events, workshops, classes, choreographic & consultant assignments, press interviews etc

feel welcome to contact me here


Past activities

2016, August 26, 12:20: Performance in Kagoshima City Art Hall, Kagoshima, Japan

2016, August 20: Performance at Matsuri, Nokubi, Kagoshima, Japan

2016, August 7, 17:00-20:00: Workshops in Tokyo, Japan

Casa del Arte, Shiba 3-16-13, Minato-Ku

2016, August 7, 14:30 (doors 13:30: Show at Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, Japan >Sold-out<

2016, July 25: Guest teacher at Ishikidai Elementary School, Japan

2016, July 23- :  Flamenco classes in Kagoshima , Japan

2016, July 13-17: Workshops in Okinawa, Japan

2016, July 8, 9, 10: Workshops in Tokyo, Japan

(8: 19:00-22:00 / 9, 10: 13:00-17:00)

Casa del Arte, Shiba 3-16-13, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

2016, 6 July, 19:30 (doors 18:30): Show at El Flamenco, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan

Tickets: 5000 yen (1 drink + tapas included) Facebook event page

2016, 28 May: Private show in Gävle, Sweden

2016, 26 May, 14:30 : Show and workshop at Folkets Hus, Fengersfors, Sweden, in collaboration with Samverket and Åmåls Kommun

2016, 21 May, 13:00: Presentation and show at the "DansExpo 2016" in Karlstad, Sweden

2016, 16 March: Show and lecture about flamenco at Värmlands Museum, Karlstad, Sweden

2016, 16 March: Participation in the presentation day for stage arts at Arenan, Bibliotekshuset, Karlstad, Sweden

2016, 7+8+11+14+15 March: Lectures and performances at the elderly homes Åmålsgården, Ekbacken, Adolfsberg, and Illern in Åmål and Solsäter in Tösse, Sweden, in collaboration with Samverket and Åmåls Kommun

2016, 5+9+19 March: Teachings at Gjuteriet, Karlstad, Sweden

2016, 21+28 February, 6+13+20 March: Teachings at Vuxenskolan in Säffle, Sweden

2016, 7 February: Teachings at Vuxenskolan in Åmål, Sweden <Trial lesson>

2016, 6+13+17+27 February: Teachings at Gjuteriet, Karlstad, Sweden

2016, 31 January: Teachings at Vuxenskolan in Säffle, Sweden <Trial lesson>

2016, 30 January, 14:30 - 16:00: Teaching at Gjuteriet, Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 14 December, 19:00: Show in the cathedral of Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 5 December, 15:00: Show at Kulturmagasinet, Åmål, Sweden

2015, 2 December, 19:00: Show at Arvika Art Hall with guitarist Afra Rubino, Sweden

2015, 28 November, 19:30: Show at Kildegården, Helligkorsvej 5, Roskilde, Denmark

2015, 27 November, 20:00: Show with Pepita Rohde and Andrée Petersen at CPH Flamenco Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015, 19 November, 11:00 - 13:00: Teaching at Kristinebergsskolan, Åmål, Sweden

2015, 7+14+21 November, 14:30 - 16:00: Teaching at Gjuteriet, Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 10 October, 15:00: Show and workshop at Sagasalongen, Säffle, Sweden

2015, 30 September - 21 October: Guest teacher at the dance education, Karlstad University, Sweden

2015, 30 September, 7+16+21+28 October, 19:15 - 20:45: Class at Gjuteriet, Karlstad, Sweden

2015 Summer: Japan project


8 July, 19:15: Show at ALHAMBRA

9 July: Show at Sala ANDALUZA in Kouenji

10 July, 20:00/21:15: Show at Tablao Casa de Esperanza in Ebisu

12 July, 19:00: Performance at Kid Ailack Art Hall Open The Door Series Dance Vision vol.1

19 + 20 July, 13:00 - 17:00: Workshops at CASA DEL ARTE


24 July - 11 September: Guest teacher at Urban Wellness Club ERG, Kagoshima, Japan

25 July: Workshop at LA BULERIA "Shiho Tokuda Flamenco workshop in Kagoshima vol.1"

1 August - 12 September: Summer workshops at LA BULERIA, Kagoshima, Japan

7 August, 12:20 - 12:50: Show at Civic Art Gallery, Kagoshima, Japan

20 + 24 + 31 August, 14:00: Volunteer activities (show & workshop) in Kagoshima, Japan

22 + 23 August: Shows at Summer festival in Kagoshima, Japan

8 September, 20:00 - 21:30: Workshops at 舞舞オールオーラ "Bubu oru ora", Kagoshima

2015, 30 May, 12:00 - 17:00 :Show and workshops at the festival "Kronoparkens Dag", Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 23 May, 10:30 - 16:00 (My show at 12:45): Participation with exhibition stand at the "DansExpo 2015" in Karlstad, Sweden, including show on the big stage of the Expo.

2015, 14 May, 21:00: Show with Bettina Flater at Stopp Pressen, Oslo, Norway

2015, 10 + 24 + 31 May, 15:30 - 17:00: Teachings at Ungdomens Hus in Säffle, Sweden

2015, 9 May, 13:00 - 16:00: Workshop at Medborgarskolan, Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 29 April, 16:30: Participation in the International Dance Day, event at Soltorget, Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 11 April: Workshop at Showdansskolan Entré, Örebro, Sweden.

15:15 - 15:45, Introduction / 16:00 - 18:45, lesson for beginners

2015, 9 April, 19:00: Show at "Girls' Night" at Sagasalongen in Säffle, Sweden

2015, 4 March, 13:00: Participation in the Utbudsdagar scenkonst 2015 in Karlstad, Sweden

2015, 28 February, 15:15 - 18:15: Workshop at Showdansskolan Entré, Örebro, Sweden

2015, 31 January, 18:00: Show at Musikvalvet, Stockholm, Sweden

2015, 30 January: Participation in the national Swedish dance exposition Dansmässan 2015 in Stockholm​ arranged by Danscentrum at Dieselverkstaden

2015, 11 January, 19:00: Show at Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo, Madrid, Spain

2014, December: The Cuba project in Havana*

      8th + 13th, 19:30: Shows at Mesón de la Flota

      10th, 19:00: Lecture at Peña Flamenco por Dentro

      12th, 22:00: Show at FAC (Fábrica de Arte Cubano)

      13th, 18:00: Show at Centro Hispanoamericano de la Cultura

      15th + 16th + 17th 10:00: Workshops in Sociedad Aurora de Somoza

     * Presented by Compañia Flamenca ECOS​, Supported by Konstnärsnämnden, Sweden /

       Consejo Nacional de las Artes Escénicas, Cuba/ Centro de Danza de La Habana, Cuba

2014, November: Teachings for dance students at University of Karlstad in Sweden

2014, November: My website has been updated with all sections in Swedish and Japanese

CLASSES in Säffle, Karlstad and Kristinehamn in Sweden.

  - 18 September, 19:30: Gjuteriet Verkstadsgatan Karlstad

  - 23 September, 19:00: Tegnérskolan, Spegelhallen (Gamla aulan) Säffle

  - 27 September, 15:00: Widelius Dansstudio Storängsgatan 2D Kristinehamn

2014, 26 September, 17:30: Show at the inauguration of Ungdomens Hus, Säffle, Sweden

2014, 23 SeptemberArticle (in Swedish) in NKP about my workshop in Kristinahamn

2014, 18 September: Interview (in Swedish) in Säffle Tidningen

2014, 19 July: Interview (in Swedish) in Värmlands Folkblad

2014, 12 July, 20:00: Show with Innes Sibun at Fjeldberg Marina, Fredrikstad, Norway

2014, 23 May 12:00 - 19:00: Participation with exhibition stand at the "DansExpo 2014" in Karlstad, Sweden, including show on the big stage of the Expo.

2014, 6 May: Article on the website of SVERIGES RADIO, Sweden

2014, 27 February: Show at Musikvalvet, Svartmangatan 27, Gamla Stan, Stockholm. 19:00

WORKSHOP IN STOCKHOLM (Danscompagniet Fridhemsgatan 28)

  - 28 February 18:30 - 20:00

  - 1 & 2 March 11:30 - 13:00

2014, 24 January: Show at Le Caveau des Légendes, 22 Rue Jacob, Paris 6eme. 21:30

2014, winter: Article in the magazine Flamenco Culture in France about show

2013, 11 November: Starting a new blog: http://blog.shihotokuda.com

2013, October: Tour, three shows with Marcus Bonfanti & Paddy Milner in Norway

2013, 28 October: Starting new website

2013, August: Tour, three shows with Spanish flamenco pianist Laura de los Ángeles in Norway

2013, Summer: Article in El Sitio Flamenco (in Japanese) about tours in Norway

2013, January: Show at El Flamenco Live in Tokyo

2012, December: Performing in “Takuya’s Live” in Tokyo

2011, September: Bienal Flamenco Special show in Tokyo

2010, September: Dancer in the musical “Pasa la Vida” in Percimmon Hall, Meguro, Tokyo

2007, September: Actress/dancer in “Hotel Sarumantino” in Ikebokuro, Tokyo

2006, September: Actress in “Express Mahha Euroefu” in Ikebokuro, Tokyo

2007, July-2013, April: Performances in various Tokyo-tablaos