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What I can offer you


I can offer you to experience the flamenco in an educational but also playful way in nearly any place for people of all ages.

Hopefully some inspiration will be given by my adding a little piece of world history that describes the ancient journey of the flamenco through the continents and by the various ethnicities on to today's beloved flamenco.


  1. Performance of flamenco


  1. Lecture about the basics and the historical/cultural background of flamenco


  1. Try-out for yourself flamenco rhythm and dance





Length : 40 - 60 minutes

Contents :


Lecture about flamenco with brief history

Lesson in basic flamenco

(rhythm, clapping, arm and foot movements)



According to your wishes I can offer the single parts such as only performance or lectures or teaching, etc.


*The models can be customized according to your preference for content and length.



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