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Workshops, Classes, Private lessons


I can offer workshops, classes, private and group lessons from beginner to advanced level.


My aim is to give each individual student an opportunity to express her/himself in a personal way as a flamenco dancer. Learning flamenco gives each dancer the opportunity for a unique and personal expression - at the same time as it offers shared moments with other artists and with the audience.


For beginners I will not only teach basic technique, but even give an introduction to the history of flamenco. I focus on helping the students to reach a point of understanding the rhythm and the essentials of flamenco with the body.


In all my classes I take individually care of each student according to their level. I will advice each student personally in order to improve their own flamenco.


Private lessons or closed group lessons are also available. In those groups the students will even have the possibility to choose and plan the content of the lessons according to their personal wishes.


I can also offer a combination of lecture (short history of flamenco), easy lesson (hand clapping, easy steps etc.) and even short performance.


If this fits into your demands and wishes please contact me.

Current lessons


  • 2016, 26 May, 14:30 : Show and workshop at Folkets Hus, Fengersfors, Sweden, in collaboration with Samverket and Åmåls Kommun


  • 2016 Summer : Workshops in Tokyo, Okinawa and Kagoshima





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